Canvas Combined Course Request

Courses must be combined prior to entering any student grades in the Canvas gradebook. It is also best if the courses contain no content. If you have multiple sets of cross-listed courses, please list all courses record numbers (CRNs) and course codes for the course in each cross-listed group on the provided lines. If you have more than 4 sections to combine, please use the comment box at the end of the form.

For example:
Set 1:
82768 BIOL-141-010
82769 ENVS-141-010
Set 2:
11853 MUS-261-070
12630 MUS-281-010
10158 MUS-282-010
12631 MUS-288-010

I have reviewed the best practices for FERPA Compliance in Combined Courses. I agree to make appropriate adjustments to my course settings to ensure the privacy of enrolled students.
Set 1
Set 2